Durban Champions March 2015: Leadership & Discipleship

Durban Champions started in July 2013 and to date a number of seminars and mentorship sessions have been held with the Champions Durban Leaders Marlvin Chidziva and Aimee Blumears. The first seminar of 2015 was held on the 28th of March. To jumpstart the year’s events, a robust group of enthusiastic young leaders were selected to be junior leaders who will help co-ordinate and run future seminars, teaching and training their peers.

The first seminar of the year was attended by more than 81 Champions with the majority of Champions coming from King Edward Hospital, KwaMashu Clinic and Sherwood Shelter. Also in attendance where Clinic Counselors and Guardians. It was a packed day that started with an awesome time of music ministry which did not fail to live up to its usual expectation getting people highly excited with dances and routines.

The theme of the day was Leadership and Discipleship and the teaching was done by the Medical students who spoke about what it means to be a leader and a disciple in our areas of work and life. This culminated in the choosing of a team of leaders from among the champions and as a sign to show their ability to serve their peers they offered to wash the feet of their fellow Champions. It was truly a spectacular thing to witness incoming leaders speaking words of life and affirming each and every champion.

Focus Group Session and Feedback Sessions are always key to each seminar and it was amazing to hear the champions talk about some of the things they worked on in their focus groups.

Take a look at some Seminar Pics

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