Join us at The World AIDS Conference!

The World AIDS Conference is back in Durban South Africa after 16 years. At the World AIDS Conference 2000 themed “Breaking the Silence” a young frail looking boy who had fought a long battle with HIV named Nkosi Johnson spoke at the Conference echoing the words “Please help people with HIV love them, care for them support them”.

And this, believe it or not were the words that got Champions For Life starting in 2005. A lot has changed since 2001. Treatment is now available for all, governments all over the world are implementing ‘test and treat’, an HIV vaccine is on the Horizon and most importantly, the possibility of an HIV free future is now far much more realistic than  it was a decade and half ago.


Champions For Life’s presence will be felt at this global event as we showcase how we have provided Love, care and support to over 15 000 adolescents living with HIV in the 11 countries we operate in through our Faith Based Psycho-Social support program.

This year, the World AIDS Conference is running under the theme “Accessing EQUITY rights now” and as Champions for Life, we are helping Adolescents living with HIV access equity rights now.

Come join us in Durban at the World AIDS Conference at our NGO Booth (number 517) and Booth 115 in the Pharmaceutical Exhibition hall. Also Pen in your Calender’s Tuesday 19 July 13:30 at the Global Village Main Stage for our performance “Weeping Shadows”.

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‘Round the block…Marondera!’

Just around the block from Harare the ‘city that never sleeps’ was a light beaming from  Marondera a.k.a The Champions For life(C.F.L)day seminar. C.F.L. Marondera  came together breaking new ground with ‘Kukura ne Shungu’ Children’s rehabilitation home peers participating in the day seminar running with the theme of “Depression”.IMG_7087

A wholesome teaching on breaking out of depression was conducted from the onset of a music ministry which created an atmosphere of joy. An interactive presentation was conducted giving insight on what is depression, how to break out of depression setting a foundation for addressing depression in ones life followed by a drama connecting with the theme.

This set pace for small  group interactive sessions that were sincere pertaining to champions sharing on personal experiences.Group therapy was key which saw champions testifying of having been enlightened,encouraged & ultimately breaking out of Depression.


Keeping up with “Zambia!”

Champions For Life Zambia Day Seminar, through my eyes.
Champions For Life Zambia started in 2011 and my first experience with Champions for life Zambia after four years of its establishment is a journey I would like to share. The morning began, with an adrenaline rush in anticipation of the prepared day seminar to commence. A build-up of momentum was further on heightened at the arrival of the Champions, and so it was Expectation met with Anticipation. Team leaders and Champions were united by the music ministry, setting the pace of a remarkable journey of the Champion experience.

A flash back  is one that consisted of drawing invaluable lessons from one another. Under the theme “breaking out of grief” what was special and worth noting was the level at which individual Champions began to share with fellow champions on their life experiences concerning grief, for most it was a bold step of openly confronting shelved feelings within, whilst for other peers listening it was reassurance that they were not alone.
The interaction within the small group sessions from the older champions to younger champions was intriguing due to the manner in which they tackled questions on their understanding of grief, by acknowledging each others unique experiences pertaining to grief and helping one another.

Pictures paint a thousand words with the aid of the silhouette drama serving as a visual example it created a platform of delving right into ones thoughts and feelings enabling a direct confrontation of any relatable feelings in line with the theme.

Silhouette Drama

An overall experience still resonates freshly within astounded by the commitment and service towards cultivating a culture of loving, building another through the champions day seminar program.

By Kelly.



Thank You Champions For Life Gweru.

One of our vibrant Programs in Southern Africa and in Zimbabwe particularly Zimbabwe is Champions for Life Gweru Program. It has a dynamic team of leaders and committed Partners. Here is a crude video of some of the Partners talking about their experiences with Champions.

“building champions building their dreams”